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November 2020


Worksport Investor Deck

As a premier manufacturer of tonneau covers, WorksportTM is building on our foundation of quality accessories for pick-up truck owners, by pick-up truck owners, and looking to the future of what is possible.

Celebrating 10 years of designing and manufacturing the highest quality tonneau covers for pick-up trucks, WorksportTM attributes their success to their continuous hands-on R&D, which has led them to simple but practical advancements of the most popular truck accessory.


WorksportTM aims to elevate today’s pick-up truck by creating intelligent accessories that enhance and refine its practical capabilities, while innovating to meet the evolution of pick-up trucks in the future.


Re-defining pickup trucks’ utility and enjoyment.

Core Values

Responsibility: build business through smart growth.
Integrity: delivering great quality + value
Innovation: user-driven improvements
User-Driven Development: be the brand for many lifestyles

Worksport Investor Deck


Steven Rossi


Having spent the past sixteen years successfully developing companies in the automotive industry, Steven’s ability to create a vision, mastermind innovative products and lead his team in strategy and execution is the driving force behind Worksport TM.

Michael Johnston


Specializing in public company operations, financial statements, analysis and IFRS, Michael holds both Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada) and Certified Public Accountant (USA) designations.

Lorenzo H. Rossi


Over 25 years management experience in technology. Founder of the first E-learning Academy. Served as an Executive Director with Neotel, traded on the TSX. Managed a budget of $300 million for the District School Board.

Craig Loverock


A Chartered Professional Accountant with over 24 years’ experience in accounting and finance roles in Canada, the United States and England with both public and private companies.


Dimitri Kanaris


Background in B2B and B2C marketing gained through his experience working with a major Canadian manufacturing company and Toronto based digital marketing agency.

Leigh Taggert


Partner and an intellectual property litigation attorney with almost 30 years of experience. He litigates patent, trademark, copyright, antitrust, and trade secret matters throughout the U.S. in federal trial and appellate courts.

Eric Sosenko


Intellectual property attorney with more than 25 years of experience on patent and trademark procurement, product and mark clearance, and related transactions. He has a vast understanding of U.S. and foreign patent and trademark law.

Jonathan Loudon


A Chartered Professional Accountant with over 24 years’ experience in accounting and finance roles in Canada, the United States and England with both public and private companies.

Worksport Investor Deck


Size & Opportunity

New Vehicle Sales Increased 5% between 2009 (14%)-2019 (19%)

Pick-up trucks on the road

Pick-up trucks sold each year

Estimated EV Market by 2020

Tonneau covers are the #1 accessory in North America

Specialty Equipment Industry

Tonneau Cover Market (Not including OEM sales)

Global Battery Energy Storage System Market: Expected Compound Annual Growth Rate from 2020 (Est. $2.9B USD) to 2025 (Est. $12.1B USD)


Innovation: WorksportTM disrupts a market dominated by a lack of innovation and is poised for growth, bringing better solutions to a growing market.

Cost: WorksportTM, being smaller and leaner than the market leader has cut overhead costs, increasing profit margins while maintaining quality and craftsmanship.

Channels: While the market leader transitions to selling direct to the customer, retail channels are eager to provide alternatives.

Patents: With many of the conventional tonneau cover designs already patented, the barrier to entry into the market is high and has discouraged alternatives.

Worksport cumulative forecasted market in excess of $24B by 2025. With a modest 5% Market Share, that amounts to over $1.5B in top-line revenues for Worksport.

Worksport Investor Deck


Key Competition

One company (Truck Hero) monopolizes conventional products (Over 90%), owning 11 of the 16 tonneau cover brands in the USA. However, the product lacks innovation. The market is hungry for an alternative supplier.

Every market has two key players; Apple & Google, Coke and Pepsi. The demand for an alternative in this market is so massive, that in 2019, WorksportTM grew 550% with only B2B sales channels, and no direct sales effort. This market is dominated by a single player - primed and ready for the next market leader, WorksportTM to claim their share of the market. As an innovator, WorksportTM will redefine tonneau covers and expand the current market, forging a new path that allows consumers to discover the possibility WorksportTM offers.


  • Hungry for Supply
  • The entire US market consists of 16 unique cover brands, including WorksportTM.
  • 11 brands are owed by Truck Hero


  • Innovate
  • Sell direct to retail; Leverage low overhead
  • Create unique product for different market segments
  • Sell to multiple channels B2B and B2C



WorksportTM differentiates itself from all other competitors in the industry, aside from Truck Hero, as a small business (SME) that builds on both B2B & B2C business.

  B2B Channels B2C Channels
Future Selling with unique product
Currently selling with distributor conflicts
Peragon / Truck Covers / Access / Steffens Currently selling with success

WorksportTM is now in a position, based on strong and growing B2B business, to move into the B2C market and establish its own brand, associated with innovation and the highest quality tonneau cover.

Worksport Investor Deck

Our Product Lineup


Value Proposition

WorksportTM has a full line of innovative Tonneau covers, at aggressive prices. Each model not only meets different market needs, but matches our business development goals.

The goal is to evolve towards higher margin product while forging new markets and revenue
streams with direct to consumer channels, as well as continuing to grow our B2B channels.






Aggressively priced and high quality basic covers that undercut the primary competitor

Sales Channel: White Label
Gross Margin:22-35%


Major product enhancements to improve user experience and installation process

Sales Channel: B2B
Gross Margin:35-50%


Aggressively priced and high quality basic covers that undercut the primary competitor

Sales Channel: B2C
Gross Margin:60-70%
Worksport Investor Deck


Innovation & Patents

Number of Total Trademarks: 13
Number of Total Patents: 14

Alpha Development

New Innovations

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Worksport Investor Deck

Worksport TM Way

At WorksportTM our core belief has always been that the pick-up truck is more than just a utility vehicle for commuting, but rather a lifestyle. A vehicle that can handle anything life throws at it, be it work, sport, or anything in between. From the introduction of the Ford Model T Runabout in 1925 until now, the pick-up truck has remained fundamentally unchanged. In 2010, the Tesla Model S became the world’s first mass produced highway-capable electric vehicle. Now, in 2020, the first wave of electric pick-up trucks are on the horizon and they bring with them a pivotal new element, renewable energy. It is with this in mind that WorksportTM is proud to announce our latest initiative, TerraVis™, the technology of tomorrow for the truck of today.

For owners of current pick-up trucks, TerraVis™ is a symbol of freedom, an intelligent accessory that introduces the power to go anywhere and off grid your life. Power a jobsite, campsite, or get you through an emergency situation. Bridging the gap between the everyday and what’s to come, TerraVis™ is the innovation that meets the evolution of pick-up trucks.

For the future of electric and hybrid vehicles, TerraVis™ will enable boundaries to be pushed and barriers to be broken. Using renewable energy to store power and extend range, TerraVis™is engineering a new legacy of increasing utility and decreasing carbon footprints.

“Where the masses adopt
impossibility, lies opportunity”

Steven Rossi, CEO, WorksportTM

Worksport Investor Deck
Worksport Investor Deck

The TerravisTM System

Worksport Investor Deck


The TerraVisCorTM Battery system will allow power from the cover to be stored in modular battery packs, storing 1.5kWh of energy in up to four batteries that can be kept and transported in the truck’s bed, using the TerraVisTM mounting system.

With our TerraVisCorTM Battery, we immeasurably expand our market potential. What’s exciting about “TerraVis Cor” is that it will also be a standalone consumer product. Our unique battery system will not be limited to only truck owners.

Once one of our batteries has run out of charge, simply exchange your depleted battery with a fully charged replacement battery. Purchase as many spare batteries as you need.

Worksport Investor Deck

The EV Market

We’re really excited about the TerraVisTM system charging the much anticipated and forthcoming EV-Pickup Trucks. To start, the TerraVisTM can provide up to 30%, or more, of the power needed for the average daily commute.

We’ve already forged OEM supply partnerships with two EV Truck nameplates. One of which is in collaboration with Nissan. To date, we’ve defined over 70 million dollars in foreseeable TerraVisTM OEM sales – and we’ve only just begun.

With the onset and adoption of EV’s comes tomorrow’s problem – where is the power coming from? TerraVisTM endeavours to be the answer. With only a 10 million dollar market valuation, we believe this positions Worksport among the most investable companies in the market, with a very bright future.

The TerraVisTM is much more than what meets the eye; designed to be the world’s first fully modular truck bed cover system, a myriad of accessories can be mounted and used for different things and by different types of pickup truck owners. We have cargo dividers and storage bags for the weekend warrior. We have mounts and racks for the job site contractor. We even have support for speakers, coolers, and grills for our tailgating friends.

Unlike most consumer goods, the TerraVisTM system is not just a single sale unit but also a system where customers continue to purchase accessories to fit their evolving lifestyle. From more batteries to tool bags and storage chests. TerraVisTM provides an exponentially increasing revenue model, unlike any brands before us.

Lastly, with the TerraVisTM & Cor battery system’s release in late 2021, we open up a whole new market – not just the 60 million pickup truck owners but any one of the 350 million consumers who are statistically getting out more and enjoying time disconnected and off-grid. We will offer the TerraVisTM system through both our B2B and B2C market channels. In the future, the TerraVisTM system will become synonymous with EV truck models. Our accessories will not only bring innovative utility to truck beds but will provide a source for off-grid power without range or plug anxiety. TerraVisTM will be tomorrows must have accessory for millions.


How much power will the cover generate?

Depending on the truck’s bed size, up to / over 1000+ watts using monocrystalline solar panels at about 22% efficiency.

What Trucks will the TerraVisTM fit?

The TerraVisTM system will be made to fit all current trucks from 2010 onward, allowing them to harness the power of renewable energy to expand their capabilities. We will also make a TerraVisTM model for each EV (Electric Truck) forthcoming in the North American Market, such as Rivian, Workhorse, Atlis, Bollinger, Tesla, Herculese, as well as GM and Ford Trucks.

What will the battery bank be made of?

We are developing versions using LiFePO4 as well as standard L-Ion. We will continue to explore the most stable and suitable materials. It can store over 2 Kilowatts of DC power.

What Can I Power With TerraVisTM

The TerraVisTM system will provide meaningful power for both current trucks and future EVs. Powering worksites, campsites or aiding people during a crisis. The possibilities are endless.

Is it portable?

Within the battery bank, there is a portable “breakaway” unit that will house a 2000W A/C inverter and provide four outlets. The portable pack will provide more to 1 kilowatt of stored energy. It will fast-charge from the bed mounted battery banks.

When will the TerraVisTM be released?

We are currently in the design stages of TerraVisTM. We are seeking investment capital to finalize the product. We expect to launch the product within 12-24 months of funding.

Worksport Investor Deck


Warehousing / Logistics / Supply Chain

To keep operations lean, WorksportTM utilizes UPS. Paired with Last Mile carriers, WorksportTM covers all lower 48 within two days and has enviable freight rates. WorksportTM has warehouses in Buffalo, NY, Breinigsville, PA, and can open in Ontario, Canada within 30 days of distribution requirement on the West Coast. Head office in the heart of Toronto, Ontario for administrative, logistics and warehousing. WorksportTM uses EDI for logistics and inventory management.

Buffalo, NY
Ontario, CAN
Worksport Investor Deck

Sales & Marketing


  • WorksportTM recently retained the three top auto accessory sales agencies in the USA. They will exclusively represent WorksportTM to acquire 10% of the 17,000 dealer market within 2020; and grow from there.
  • Calling on brands such as: LKQ Keystone, AutoZone, Advanced, PEP Boys, JEGS…& more.
  • Roll out exclusive line direct to consumer (not competing with B2B lines)
  • Sell to 5% of 50 million truck owners (750 000 covers)
  • Digital marketing (example: Google special projects)


  • Direct marketing to B2B dealers, to pull sales through distribution partners (store visits, mail, phone room…etc)
  • National tradeshow exhibits
  • Print & Digital Trade Publications
  • Micro/Nano influencer marketing (online)
  • Adwords/Online advertisement
  • Rich media assets (growing video library)
  • Word of mouth & Referral Network
  • Customer tracking and re-targeting
  • Amazon/eBay/Wal-Mart/Jet online marketplace
  • Social media advertising
Worksport Investor Deck

Use of Proceeds

Funding Buckets

Research & Development
  • Continuation of Alpha patent to up to ten individual patents
  • Continuation of latch patents (total of five)
  • Development of hard covers to market (tools/molds as well)
  • Development of TerraVisTM to be market ready for EV manufacturing partners
  • Cover & Rail Design inclusive of molds and dies for all components
  • Power Storage & PV Panels = Supplied


  • Have, at minimum, 1000 units in stock, 500 units inbound, and 500 units in production of each
  • model (SC3/SC3PRO/SC4PRO/HC3)
  • Build at least 500 retail POP displays
  • Stock in Buffalo and West Coast 3PL Warehouse


Marketing & Branding
  • Trade shows: Trailer Show / SEMA Show
  • Dealer road shows & visits
  • Nano / Micro Influencer sponsorships
  • New video / photo media assets
  • POP displays / print / textile material
  • Direct retail (B2C Marketing) sales efforts


Investor Relations
  • Investor conferences & Road Shows
  • Video / Audio interviews
  • Analyst Coverage & Earned Media / Journalist Coverage
  • Engaging with premier IR firm (PCG/Proactive…etc)


Historical Growth


  • Historical margin 25%, Transitioning past break-even point
  • Many expenses (costs) are non-linear
  • Launching higher margin product
  • Potential for acquisition by Private
  • Equity / primary competitor


  • Roll out exclusive line direct to consumer (not competing with B2B lines)
  • Sell to 5% of 50 million truck owners (750 000 covers).
  • Digital marketing (example: Google special projects)
Worksport Investor Deck


What Needs Additional Investment?

  • Inventory
  • Sales and marketing
  • R&D for Intellectual property
  • Investor relations

What are the Results?

  • Expedite growth
  • Brand building
  • B2C sales

Using existing designs to build WorksportTM in NA market as an alternative to presently monopolized SME aftermarket.

Timeframe 2020

  • Fund inventory
  • Initiate white label in SME market
  • Develop and finish premium product
  • Further expansion into Latin America

Innovating new products that do not currently exist in the pick-up truck accessories market.

Timeframe 2021

  • Focus on premium product and branding in premium
  • Establish as go-to brand for aftermarket pickup bed accessories
  • Accelerated OEM sales. Further NA & International expansion and marketing

Recognized by the consumer as the go-to brand for innovative thinking around the pick-up truck platform. Transition to becoming Tier 1 OEM manufactured option.

Timeframe 2021

  • Fully deployed global distribution and brand recognition.
  • Shift to regional manufacturing to optimize inventory & customization
  • Diversify into other truck & automotive accessories